As a first-generation immigrant born in the U.S., I have always felt there is a need for more South Asian representation in the media world.  Her passion took her to UC Berkeley, where she majored in Communications. She started her career with E! Network and Hollywood.com before moving east for Graduate school.  Ami received her Masters from Boston University in Broadcast Journalism.  In 2006, she worked at CNN headquarters in Atlanta where she helped create the Middle East “Crisis Desk” connecting stranded US citizens with their families.  Ami moved back to California and joined Inside Edition as a Producer.  After a successful stint behind the camera, Ami served as a Host for Lux Lifestyles, a luxury travel show on Wealth TV, and most recently the premier host for #OWNshow, a digital exclusive web-show on Oprah.com.

Simultaneously while creating a name for herself on-air, Ami built her own beauty business serving brides, models, and Hollywood talent.  Her work has been seen in Seventeen Magazine and major red carpet events including the Golden Globes. Currently, Ami has brought her worlds of passion together and serves as an on-air beauty and lifestyle expert. She is also building her personal brand as a modern mom influencer that brings together her experience as a host, makeup artist and mom to help inform other women like her on how to juggle it all.

Ami gets her energy and passion from connecting with people – whether that be through creating engaging content on her various social media platforms or offering her everyday tips on approachable beauty.

Ami Desai
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