Beauty Blender’s New Foundation: First Impressions & Honest Thoughts!

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Hi Lovelies! I was recently asked to take part in a campaign effort for the launch of Beauty Blednder’s new Bounce Liquid Whip Long wear Foundation. It was really fun because I had no idea what I was going to be introduced to (side note: I filmed a little vlog about my day so you’ll get a look at the offices once that’s up!). That was last week, and since the announcement of the upcoming launch of the 32 shades I have been reading so much controversy over the limited shade range for WOC. I thought I’d share some of my HONEST insights below. Eager to see the entire shade range first hand to give my own opinions on that. For now, this is about my initial experience.

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I got to shoot in-studio at the Beauty Blender offices which was such a fun experience. Now, let’s get to the details of the foundation itself.


Bounce is more of a full coverage foundation that goes on pretty smoothly. If you have dry skin like myself moisturize before hand or add a drop of illuminating drops (which I almost always do with my fave coverfx rose gold drops). The foundation is not as thick as Huda or Fenty but still provides coverage, which is the type of foundation I prefer on a regular basis. It’s matte but still let’s your skin shine through. I did use an extra pump to cover dark spots and imperfections and it worked great with that second layer (started with 2 pumps). I always apply my foundation with a damp beauty blender which helps any full coverage foundation become more blendable (IMO). It wore really well in the heat and didn’t settle into fine lines (I did apply setting powder as I normally always do under my eyes). It didn’t oxidize (get darker) which I feel is a huge issue with some foundations and my skin was still glowing at 12am. Usually by this time my skin looks tired and I still felt fresh as far as my base makeup.


I was matched pretty quickly. I don’t always agree with the shades artists pick for me unless I say I want to be more golden. I got shade 3.3 (I believe that was the number 🤔 but am blanking at the moment) and thought it was pretty spot on. I feel like the nuances of skin color for a brown girl are often not taken into consideration and I was happy to see I could really go with 2-3 different shades and come out with a good match. Again, I didn’t get to play with all the shades but had 2-3 similar swatched. Now this is where it can be difficult, because how do you then choose between the slightly different shades? That can be overwhelming for some but I think a good problem to have. Beauty Blender did say of the 32 shades they focused a ton on the “medium plus” range. Again, for olive skin tones this could be a good problem to have to choose from. I know some people mentioned seeing more orange-y hues for the darker range so interested to test that out. Also, I’ve grown up almost always having to mix foundations either for me or others so eager to see if more WOC will be able to find their match.


I immediately was drawn to the innovative bottle with the built in egg shaped tray for where you can squeeze the product into. I almost always use the back of my palm and always mix an Illuminator. This makes it so much more hygienic and easy to use. I almost always use the blender to apply my foundation so this was just awesome to see. The only thing to keep in mind is that because the tray is part of the outside of the bottle I would recommend wiping it down with a wipe or tissue (if you’re an artist def a wipe!) which can be tedious. There’s also a lock feature to prevent the foundation from squeezing out if you’re on the go and running around with your makeup bag. One downside to the packaging is not being able to see the color as well in the bottle. You definitely will need to swatch it out to really get a sense of the coloring.


I usually like a week or so with a product in my kit to really assess if it’s going to be a keeper, but my initial takeaway is that I do really like the formula and feel of this foundation and can see it appealing to women that like either lightweight or a more full coverage look. Versatility is key for me. I could see my mom using this and working great on her skin tone and texture. Again, these are my personal thoughts and I am basing them off of the shade I was matched to. I will definitely be talking on this more once I have a chance to review all the colors!

And here’s a little video of a fresh faced look I created while trying out the foundation.

Hope this gave a little insight for you ladies on the market for a new foundation!




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