CYBER MONDAY: Fine Jewelry Picks With Anne Sisteron

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Cyber Monday is upon us and unlike other goods that you can easily purchase with no hesitation jewelry can sometimes be a little tricky. You sometimes want to see & feel what you’re thinking of investing in and also try it on. I’ve gotten a few pieces throughout this year from Anne Sisteron and I am so impressed. The jewelry is beautiful, dainty but sturdy and so perfect for everyday where. You can easily take most pieces from day to night by layering as well. The biggest test for me is if it’s something I can wear day in day out without having to take it off and will it withstand my day-to-day activities. This line totally delivers.

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I get asked about this Mikaila double disc necklace on the daily and I love that it comes layered.

Because it’s fine jewelry you’re looking at prices starting at around $300 upwards $1K. It may seem like a bit but it’s worth the investment when you think about that special piece you can wear forever and it won’t break on you or tarnish. I partnered with Anne Sisteron to hand select my top picks for Cyber Monday that I think are timeless and would make the perfect gift for yourself or someone special in your life. Don’t forget to use code CYBER30 for 30% off your entire purchase.

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Rose Gold Sapphire Necklace

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I came home wearing these 2 layered and couldn’t be more in love. The sapphire gives just a pop of color but it’s still neutral. And the evil eye is vertical vs. the usual horizontal version which I love. It’s also very dainty which makes it perfect for daily wear.

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Melanie Lariat Necklace

If you’re looking for a delicate statement piece this Melanie lariat necklace is perfection. It aslo glimmers like no other in the light. The price point is just right for a milestone occasion especially with the 30% off.

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Chelseas Flirt Lariat

This rose gold solitaire lariat is also perfect to dress up or down and perfect for layering.
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Mini Starburst Necklace

I combined it with this starburst necklace that could be worn separately as well. I’m also obsessed with rose gold if you couldn’t already tell!
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Open Pear Earrings

Moving on to some ear candy, these open pear earrings were the first thing that caught my eye. Not something I would wear everyday but definitely for a night out. I love how delicate they are too. Probably one of the priciest items on my must-have list but if you’re treating yourself or someone you love for the holidays this could be the perfect little present.
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Also tried this little cushion pinkie ring on which makes a bold statement. Look at how glam it looks when stacked and layered too.
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Cushion Pinkie Ring

I’ve always loved the way climbers looked but didn’t think I could pull them off. These diamond climbers are stunning and can be worn solo or as a pair.
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Malia Ear Climber

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Again, everything at Anne Sisteron offers you something new and different but still timeless.

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Open Bezel Ring

For my hands I usually keep it to my wedding rings and an eternity band my kids got me for Mother’s Day. But I loved this open bezel ring so much. It fits in with anything you’re wearing. This would be the perfect present for an anniversary or milestone birthday.

There you have it, my top picks from Anne Sisteron. It wasn’t easy but finding the right piece hardly ever is! I hope some of these caught your eye and if so don’t forget to use code CYBER30 tomorrow online!!! Also, I have a little video that I created while in the store on how I pick my investment jewelry. Check that out below:

Happy Cyber Monday shopping!!!



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