FortyEver Young – Vegas Style!

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Cannot believe I’ve officially entered a new decade! Have to tell you 40 feels amazing, and I truly am beyond grateful to have celebrated this milestone with some of my closest family and friends. I talked about this a lot during my birthday weekend, but while reflecting on my last 39 years, I couldn’t help smile and chuckle a little at how I thought 40 was “old” or “scary”. I have realized this is the decade where I can honestly say I have everything – my past which is symbolized by my parents; my present which is my husband and our health; and our future- the 3 beautiful children we have been blessed with. No other decade can I say I have all 3 of these stages represented in my life – and for that I am eternally grateful.

Before I get to all the details of the weekend, I have to note that my amazingly thoughtful and incredible hubby, Veeral, planned every last detail for a crew of 80 in Vegas. And taking into consideration Covid precautions and all else that follows a pandemic, he somehow managed to throw an unforgettable weekend that I will certainly never, ever, ever forget! He kept every last detail a surprise for me and to say I was shook was an understatement. I’m including the full itinerary he sent out to our guests below as well.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen all my stories (and if not, check out my highlights, linked here). Although I didn’t know that IG starts deleting stories if you upload more than 100 a day, so I had some cut off…because that’s how much I documented the weekend, lol!

General Weekend Itineray:

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Day / Night 1:

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After getting settled into the hotel (we stayed at the Wynn), I was shocked as to why V had booked a villa – we clearly did not need so much space for just the two of us (it all made sense, later). He had a massage booked, which was just what I needed to unwind and relax before the festivities began (he completely spoiled me!)

One thing Veeral kept in mind for the entire weekend because of the size of our group, we kept all festivities on site at the Wynn, which made things so easy for a large party. Dinner was at the new Delilah restaurant, which was just beautiful! If you’ve been to the original LA location, it’s a throwback to old Hollywood and the best lounge/club setting. The food was insanely good too. The venue has a private room which we had for our guests to enjoy drinks and food freely without masks. Veeral and I were so incredibly thankful to have our friends and fam come out, so we truly wanted to spoil everyone this weekend, and Friday’s Welcome Dinner was the perfect event. V selected the perfect menu. That night, Kid LAROI performed in the main area, which was a special treat (my 9-yr old is obsessed with him!) We also wanted to be very cautious of the fact that Covid is not over, and many of our friends have young children, so we kept all events indoor / outdoor to provide flexibility based on everyone’s comfort levels.

My jumpsuit is from Nadine Merabi (linked here & comes with the belt – I’m wearing size s/m). We ended the evening back in our villa where we got to spend more time hanging out, partying, and dancing the night away.

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Day / Night 2:

One thing I need to tell you about my crew is that we may be getting older, but we still party like we’re 28! So getting Saturday going after just a few hours of sleep was no problem at all!

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My swimsuit is the plungey from TA3 swim (size S). Wrap is Lovers & Friends (size M) & glasses are Chloe (similar linked here)
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We had a private area booked at the Cabanas with plenty of food and drinks at the European Pool at the Wynn & it wasn’t packed, which was nice! We got to gamble, watch sports and actually utilize the pool too.

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Wearing the Bronx & Banco Noel Diamond Mini Dress (Size S). Shoes are Jessica Rich

For the evening, I had no idea what was in store, but I now knew why we had the huge villa. Veeral had planned for a private cocktail / dinner party inside the villa. I was absolutely blown away with every last detail from the electric violinist to the insanely thoughtful video tribute (linked below):

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What I didn’t know was that there was another surprise – he created an E! True Hollywood Story video montage. ((INSERT WATERWORKS)) I was truly speechless. This video meant more to me than words can ever express, and I truly feel so thankful. Shout out to my first work hubby, Karamo, for headlining too!

Our final event was at Encore Beach Club, where we partied the night away. I’m so incredibly excited to be kicking off this decade and I feel incredibly blessed and thankful. I’ve included our exact itinerary, below. ((do you want to do this or no?)) and I’ve linked my outfit, here.

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This was probably the most amazing weekend of my life (next to having my 3 babies and marrying my best friend!). I’ll truly never forget it!!!

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  1. What a great party!!! Every bit of it you deserve and more ❤️❤️!! You are amazing and truly inspiring! Happy Birthday again .. may you have an amazing and successful year ahead


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