How I Teach Diwali At School

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I was so excited to see how many questions I got from a ton of you on my

Here’s what the general hour looks like: A small explanation of what Diwali is (festival of lights), followed by a book, and then a short activity. I like to switch up the activities annually so I’ll share what I’ve done in the past as well below.


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Here are the 4 books I’ve been reaching for lately and think they’re appropriate for my aged kids (5-6 yrs). I will say most of these tend to be a little long so I will skip through a few pages or read just an excerpt. Let’s Celebrate Diwali, Twinkle Twinkle Diwali Lights, Let’s Celebrate 5 Days of Diwali, Adyn Loves the Indian Holidays (plus a few more linked here)


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These thick paper Rangoli prints from Teal Firefly were a hit for the preschoolers and were a great take home.

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They also come in a card version which makes it great as an in-class activity and also something to give as a gift to family or friends.

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Sand mandalas were a hit last year, and not as messy as they would seem. Tip: Lay out newspapers on the table so clean up is super easy. The disc comes with stickers so the sand sticks easily.

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We did firecracker rings this year and the kids went crazy over them. These pipe cleaners are from the Dollar Tree and honestly with 2 packs you can do over 30 rings, with keeping kids busy for at least 10-15 minutes. (Full instructions on what to do from this blog Turn This Into That.)

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This year I was inspired by these henna painted glass vases and found the exact same ones from the Dollar Tree (linking similar ones). I didn’t want to make a mess with puffy paint so opted for metallic glass markers (linking the brand I found to be the best here) and also provided these jewel stickers for the kids to decorate with.

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Here’s another pic I grabbed off Google pics for inspo & love how festive they look.

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RIan with his first grade class

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Mila with her Kinder class

I loved seeing my kids enjoy celebrating this special holiday with their friends and taking pride in what they created!

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Each student had a set up that looked like this. I also added a little name tag (a pack of 30 for $1 from the Dollar Tree) so they could put it on their bottle after decorating.

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One touch I added was a little insert I created as a take home so the children could show their parents and help them get a sense for why we did this activity and what Diwali means to us. I made this up by clipping together different things I found on the internet and have the file attached here for anyone interested in downloading. I also added the firecracker ring here because the vase plus this seemed like it would take up more than an hour.

And that was about it! I hope you enjoyed this little Diwali round up and are inspired to teach a few activities yourself. Feel free to ask me any questions & I’d love to know what different activities you’ve done with your children in the comments below.



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