How to get (and keep) volume in your hair!

If you follow along with me on social, you know I LOVE VOLUME & body in my hair. So now I’m going to share all my tips & tricks on how to create volume, plus the products that will help make it last all day or night. Keep reading for a full breakdown below, and you can find all the products linked here. For all T3 Micro products use my code AMIT320 sitewide.

Here are a few categories I’ve broken down on what I like to use when adding volume to my hair (they may all sound the same but the littlest thing makes the biggest difference!):

  • Texturizers 
  • Hair rollers
  • Teasing combs
  • Thickening sprays 
  • Finishing sprays 

And, before we jump into the products, let’s roam about hair health and washing. Since I have really dry hair that I color and highlight, I wash it 1-2 times a week. That may seem too little to some, but it has helped the overall health of my hair. I also have been focusing a ton on scalp health with oiling & scrubs (but that’s for a whole other post). I do think good volume comes when hair is not too clean or too dirty, right around day 2 or 3. Also, not washing as often allows for less damage from heat. I usually do a full hair session on my wash day to really set the stage for the coming non-wash days. It cuts my getting ready time in half! Lastly, don’t forget to use heat protectant!! It’s like spf for your hair and really does prevent damage! It’s the real deal and even on non wash days just spray a little wherever you’re touching up your hair (usually the crown for me). It makes a huge difference!

Now, for the products:

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Texture powder / spray: two different things… the spray, you can use daily. I like to use this in place of hairspray as well on days I just want volume but not necessarily hold. It won’t cause build up. Tip: if you do notice you get a lot of product build up, spray your comb prior to brushing curls out to help make them last longer instead of spraying your hair. Or try spraying your hair lightly prior to works so well and keeps hair weightless. Now, texture powder is when you want that mega volume. It’s the big guns of texturizers. Think volume alllll night and really getting that grit for up-dos or braids that you want to stay put. But it can be pretty dense so the next day is usually a wash day when I use this so keep that in mind. 

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Teasing combs: I absolutely love teasing combs BUT you have to be careful with what you choose because they can cause damage. Don’t go too rough. These two combs are my favorites and what I have found to be the least damaging. They are the Leyla Milani and T3 detangler comb (it’s sold as a duo and I love the brush as well). The Leyla Milani one is a traditional, thin teasing comb, whereas the T3 one is a wide-tooth comb. The Leyla Milani one I really focus on at the crown. And light pressure is all you need to achieve lasting volume. Remember we don’t want to break the sensitive hair at our roots, The T3 wide tooth comb I use to provide volume when my ends are flat or weighed down. I also love that you can use the wide tooth comb to brush out your waves / curls. If you curl your hair and it is TOO tight of a curl, run this bad boy through your hair and you are good to go! One other tip – don’t back comb aggressively up and down – this can actually cause breakage to your hair. Instead, back comb DOWN, remove the brush, and then repeat. This is much more gentle and will help maintain the health of your hair.

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Rollers: If you guys follow my stories, you know I post these on the regular: I LOVE these Amazon velcro rollers, and I use them daily! They are so great at adding extra volume (especially to the front) without using extra heat. Prior to doing my makeup, I’ll curl my front bangs and let them cool with a roller. When I let it out I have a lot of body that lasts. I also love to use the heated T3 rollers to set hair overall. It gives a nice bounce and gives the look of a fresh blowout. I love rollers because while they’re setting you can run around and do other things instead of curling all of your hair in sections. 

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Thickening spray: On the days that you wash your hair my mane tends to fall flat from being so clean. I love a good volumizing product that starts working when I dry my hair. The TIGI Thickening Spray works instantly, even on the finest of hair. The Amika Bombshell Blowout spray is similar to the IGK, but just wanted to give some variety. This step allows you to ‘prep’ your hair even before you style it to help ensure you get some extra fullness!

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Finishing spray: All hairsprays are not created equal! If you find your hair falling flat after spraying it, you’re probably using one that is weighing it down. Instead, look for a light weight brushable spray that will seal in the style & volume. This Redken spray is so feathery and you can even spray in between layers of curling your hair with an iron or after you set your rollers, give it a good spritz all around. It will leave hair full with movement. And this Kristin Ess texturizing hair spray is an all-in-one! It’s not only from the drugstore but it seals the deal while helping hold your waves, curls or ‘do but in a soft way. No crunchy tresses here! Plus, it works well even if you use it daily in between washes. 

And there you have it! These are my go to products for voluminous hair! Follow me on IG @amidesai because I’m always showing my techniques there too. Are there any products you have tried and loved? Comment below!



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