My Daiso (Japenese Dollar Store) Favorites

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Today I want to share with you my favorite products from Daiso! Now, these stores are not everywhere. I think California, Texas and a few other states have it, but this store is so awesome. There is another store similar to Daiso called Miniso which is in Pasadena and they told me that they’re actually going to be opening countrywide and it’s basically a competitor of Daiso. So be on the lookout for them in your area. So, let’s get started with some of my Daiso faves.

One of the reasons I love this store, is everything starts at $1.50 and I think the most it goes up to is five dollars, so that is a win-win situation! Even if you don’t feel comfortable with buying makeup there because some people just don’t, I get it, but things like their tweezers are fabulous. Their tweezers are $1.50 and they are amazing. I buy about six at a time and just keep one in my purse, one on my nightstand, one in my vanity and I don’t freak out if they get taken at airport security because I have 10 more at home. I also am obsessed with their cuticle scissors to trim my brows and they are again only $1.50! At Target they are at least seven dollars. Another thing, nail cutters, the kids’ size and adult’s size! I always misplace those, so I love buying them in bulk at Daiso.

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You might have seen in some of my videos wearing these little headbands. They are from Daiso, and I have about 10 of them. They are just the cutest. I use them to wash my face, put on makeup or just when I want my hair out of my face. I am going to use them as a cute little gift for Mimi’s spa day birthday party. Their mirrors are also awesome. They are perfect for on the go.

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I have talked a lot about this next thing. The eyebrow pencil. It comes with a spoolie and a slanted pen. I think it comes in about three colors. I always get the dark brown. I have tried about every possible eyebrow pencil on the market and this one for $1.50 is one of my favorites. Another one of my go-to products is their Vitamin C mask. After my dermatologist told me to start using Vitamin C to even out my complexion, I started using these masks. Honestly, all of their masks are good!

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If you have kids, Daiso has the best knick-knacks. They have kiddy toothbrushes which I love keeping stocked around the house for sleepovers.

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Now, onto two new finds that I am loving. One is this L.A. Colors Iced Pigment Powder. So, L.A. Colors, I’ve heard of this brand so many times and I’ve seen it at other dollar stores, but I just never thought to try them. So, this is a rose gold pigment. It’s really pretty on your eyes. It reminds me of the NYX body and face pigment that I think is 10 dollars. Then, the other one that my girl, Dreya, told me about. Dreya is an amazing makeup artist and one of my dear friends. She told me that this L.A. Colors palette, contour palette, powder palette, is awesome. I started using it and it really is awesome. It’s only five dollars and gives you eight powders. Honestly, you can use these for setting. I haven’t tried them for setting. I’ve tried them for contouring, and then I think I’ve tried that one for a little bit of blushing, and then an overall glow. When you’re trying to get that nice glow, it just works and I really love the colors.

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I also get some household items at Daiso like brooms, sweepers, lunch boxes and more! Oh, and I must not forget that they have Hi-Chews and a whole bunch of great candy there. Let me know if you have any questions about Daiso and I hope you found this fun and helpful!



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