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I hope everyone is having an amazing start to 2023! While the holiday madness has calmed down, I still got my two big kids at home (Kai is back to school) so needless to say, it has definitely been busy in our household! One of my goals for the new year is to get more blog posts up (especially on my most frequently asked questions); so I wanted to get this up for you guys!

I get tons of questions on my everyday jewelry; I do have a highlight on my Instagram (linked here), but figured I’d do a quick breakdown as well for those who want some more in depth details. I know that everyone has different budgets and price points, and while some of these pieces are on the pricier side, I did link some more budget friendly options so you guys can still recreate this look and style. When I select jewelry my key things to keep in mind are: timeless, effortless, durable, (if I take it off, it won’t be coming back on, haha), and meaningful. I also love that one day I get to pass this down to Mila, and these are pieces that I know will last forever.


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  • Diamond Solitaire with baby’s birthstones: My best friend, Natasha, and her family have a jewelry company (Diamond Boutique Del Mar), and hubby got this custom piece made for me as my push present for when we had Kai! The largest diamond is 1.75 cts, and then I have the babies’ birthstones (June – Mila, July – Kai, and October – Rian)
  • Emerald Pendant: I recently got this from Jewels by Sunaina, it’s the “Emerald Paraiba Bundle” – you guys also love this one! Use my code Ami15 for a discount
  • Hammered Pendant: My longest necklace (the hammered pendant) is from Haati Chai (which is the sister company to Amarlio) and as a small business, they were sadly also impacted from COVID-19 and shut down in 2020. I did see some similar options (linked here), but again I have not yet tested this out so can’t attest to quality
  • Diamond Cut Bead Chain: I recently got this from Leo Sierra Collection and absolutely love it! It has an attached extender chain so you can wear it shorter or longer! 
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  • Cartier Love: One of my favorite pieces is my Cartier Love Bracelet. Mine is in the “Rose Gold” color and the ‘original’ size. Veeral got this for me as a Mother’s Day present. My size is 16 cm, and they have since released the “small” version (which is thinner). There are a ton of dupes online (linked here and here)
  • Cartier Juste Un Clou: I got the ‘size small’ which is the thinner version; also in Rose Gold. This was a gift for my 40th birthday and I love how it pairs with my stack. I have the rose gold version in the 15 cm size. I’ve linked some dupes for you guys (here and here)
  • Hermes Bangle: One of my other friend’s gifted me the Clic H bracelet (color: beige / nacre) in size PM. I don’t see my exact color on their site currently, but this one is very similar!
  • Diamond Tennis Bracelet: This is another fave from Diamond Boutique Del Mar – I believe it is 10 carats total, and set in white gold. This Amazon dupe has amazing reviews, and while I have not tried this brand personally, I have heard great things! 
wedding band and engagement ring
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  • Engagement Ring: Veeral upgraded my engagement ring on our 15 year anniversary! I was shocked, and the kids were a part of the surprise as well – it is a night I definitely won’t ever forget! He again worked with Natasha from Diamond Boutique Del Mar. It’s a classic solitaire and the design is inspired from here. I believe it’s 3 or 3.5 carats!
  • Wedding Band: My wedding band is of course very near and dear to my heart – I believe it is approximately 2.5 carats total and set in white gold! Also from Diamond Boutique Del Mar!


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  • Diamond Studs: nothing is more timeless and classy to me than having a simple, solitaire diamond stud. I wear these every single day.. I do get some questions regarding whether or not they ‘get loose’ or if I am worried they will fall out, and I actually have the twist back which ensures that they do not loosen so I personally feel safe wearing them daily. I got them from Diamond Boutique Del Mar – they are .75 carats each and set in platinum

That’s it for my everyday jewelry! These are pieces that I never (or very rarely) take off. You’ll see me wearing them in my workouts, and I even keep them on when I shower! I know that some people say that if you do take it off, it may ‘help’ them last longer, but I’ve honestly worn many of these pieces for years and have not had any issues! Which piece is your favorite? I also shot this reel (in Feb. 2023) with a new piece added to my stack! You can check it out here. You can use my code AMI for Siroo Jewlery until Feb. 14, 2023 for 15% off! I have the 1 carat bracelet (linked here). I hope this was helpful; feel free to drop any comments / questions below!

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