My Hospital Bag Must-Haves

Baby Boy is coming so soon and I finally got my hospital bag ready! This is baby 3 for me and I’m also doing another C-Section so my bag is definitely lighter than my first go-around and is catered to specific post-surgery needs. With that said, there are definitely general things linked that I think work well for all deliveries.

Before I get into listing out my must-haves, if you want to bypass packing all together there’s a fantastic line, itsbodily that does the work for you.

This could even make for a great present for that special mama-to-be in your life. It’s so overwhelming figuring out what you do and don’t need and I will tell you after comparing this to my own bag, the only thing I needed to add was my electronics and some sleepwear. Use code AMIBODILY for free breast pads when you spend $50 or more.

Also, thought I’d share a few diaper bags I’m loving ATM since I’ve been reintroducing myself to the world of baby! I basically bring 1 carry-on bag plus a little diaper bag or duffle which I keep my medical papers (ie- Cord Blood Kit) and baby’s outfit. Everything is talked about in my video as well but listed out to easily shop below:

Diaper bags I’m loving I packed one for all baby needs but not essential):

Happ Brand Carry-all, but they have tons of other styles and colors to choose from. These are super stylish but also practical.

Paperclip Life also has an amazing range of very functional diaper bags that look good and are unisex. I have the beach pack.

Now on to what’s inside (listed & linked below and explained in my Youtube video):

Breast friend pillow

Extra long charging cables for phone & other electronics

Nipple Balm: Nipple Balm / Silverette Nursing Cups

Nursing Pads

Nursing Bras

Postpartum Panties / C-section silicone panties

Belly Band: Upspring Abdominal Belt / Its Bodily Belly Band

Comfy PJ’s: Target shirt dress / Target PJ Pant Set / Target PJ shorts set / Cozy Earth Bamboo Set

Grip Socks

Toiletries: Good shampoo & conditioner / Makeup Eraser / Trestique Essential Mix Set (code AMI)

Baby Outfit for going home

Car Seat

Pillow/blanket for partner/spouse

Snacks for lengthy hospital stay (especially during Covid, no visitors allowed that would normally bring treats!)

Medical paperwork (ie- insurance card, Cord Blood Kit, etc)

Present for siblings from baby (we’ll be doing this at home since they won’t be able to come to the hospital due to Covid)

This pretty much sums it up!! You can shop my items down below or find me on the app where I have everything linked too.


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Good luck to all my fellow Mamas out there!! And, remember, we got this!



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