Subtle Eyes & Bold Lips

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I’ve been playing with more lip color lately & loving it! I wore this look for Diwali this year (more pics below with the kiddies in tow) and was pleased with how it turned out. Not to mention it was super easy to do. I used This Ore That dual eyeshadow from Flirt Cosmetics along with their dot dot dot eyeliner, which helps you create a perfect wing. I have to say I’m impressed!
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How dapper is my little dude? I know I’m biased but he’s such a cutie!

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My little loves

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Alright, back to the makeup! In addition to the Flirt Cosmetics I used my fave Jolii Cosmetics lip creme in Scuro & Becca Cosmetics Apre Ski Glow Palette (to all my brown girls, this is amazing for our skin tones so check it out!) It’s also not overly shimmery or intense, so perfect for everyday use.

And here’s a more in-depth video of the look with an entire list of products used in the description box. And if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel!



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