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I’m so excited to be back on The Today Show!! My segment is focusing on all things travel beauty! I do A TON of research before deciding which products I want to show so these really are the best of the best (in my opinion!) You can watch my segment here!

I’ve also linked my outfit here; the shoes (linked here) and bodysuit (linked here), are from Zara! I’ve also linked all of the products here for you so you can easily find them! With that being said, let’s dive into each of these products and why I love them!!

  • KENRA SIMPLY ADD WATER SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER ($29): This is unlike any other shampoos & conditioners because these are powder based that activate once water is added. All you have to do is pour a quarter amount into your palm, add water to emulsify, and lather into your hair! In the past, we have seen face washes in powder form with rice protein… this has that same ingredient which will give your hair an airy volume look! The best part is that you get 3x more product than in a traditional bottle of shampoo & conditioner, and you don’t have to worry about spills or adding weight to your luggage as traditional shampoo / conditioner bottles can be heavy! Kenra makes traveling with quality hair care so easy and they are TSA approved!
  • FOXYBAE MIN ROSE GOLD TRAVEL SET ($79): We all know how bulky it is to lug around our styling tools while traveling – but you can say goodbye to this! Foxybae makes it so easy – this set is tiny but mighty! It includes a 0.75″ curling wand, 1″ flat iron, and a dryer with the attachment!  It fits inside a little pouch and takes up very little room in your luggage. It also has dual voltage for global use, and is made with tourmaline-infused ceramic barrels, which help minimize thermal damage & tame frizz
  • ALOISA ALOE GEL MIST ($26): I love this spray and have it with me whenever I travel! The combination of Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera Water reduces redness, repairs, and cools the skin’s natural barrier! It is perfect for sunburns and because it’s a spray there’s no mess with squeezing product out or having to touch sensitive skin. It’s non-sticky and lightweight, and can help your skin look plump, which makes it a great primer and setting spray (which can be used before & after makeup or even as a refresher throughout the day)!
  • PEACH & LILLY ALL-IN-ONE MOISTURE PADS ($43): I love a good 10-step skincare routine when I have the time, but when traveling I think we’re all looking for quick, easy, & effective! These pads are a 3-in-1 as they tone, hydrate and protect your skin. You’ll find quality ingredients like ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier, balance & soothe inflammation, and antioxidants to brighten. It’s so easy to use and in fact, I find my husband using these with ease too. They are great for morning & night – be sure to use after cleansing!\
  • BEIS TRAVEL COSMETIC BAG ($68): This makeup bag helps organize your beauty products so everything is easy to find – whether it’s your makeup brushes or other small essentials! It also helps doing your makeup a cinch while on the go. The vegan leather is so easy to clean and I love the removable mirror that is stand alone, so you don’t need to use one hand to hold it. The brush sleeve is also removable, so you don’t have to keep flipping the sleeve! It’s great
  • AMAZON GARMENT DUFFLE BAG ($48.00): My final pick is this garment duffle bag. This one is perfect – especially for men! This no wrinkle garment bag makes traveling easy – especially with suits! It has 2 buckles inside, which help to keep the garment flat and put. It also fits the TSA measurements for a carry-on, and is made with waterproof vegan leather. The separate shoe compartment ensures your clothes don’t get dirty, and it has 2 pockets in the front for smaller items. It also has an opening to slide through your travel suitcase if you have one, which makes carrying through the airport simple!

I hope this was helpful! Comment below and let me know if you have tried any of these, and if there are any other travel beauty must-haves that you recommend!



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