Toddler Unicorn Hair & Makeup

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Hello everyone! Today I have my little girl, Miss Mila, with me. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that she always wears her hair up in a topknot. Today, I bribed her with some candy to let me play with her hair. I am going to take these little elastics and separate her hair into two little ponytails at the very top of her head, one at the center of the crown and one directly under that. So, now you have two separate ponies right at the top of her head.

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Now, I am going to split the first ponytail and overlay the second one between it. Then, grab the two separate strands and wrap it around. I pin that right there. Next, grab a little bit of hair on each side and secure that to the original pony with another elastic. If this seems hard to follow, be sure to go to YouTube to see my step-by-step tutorial.

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Continue to repeat that last step all the way down to the nape of her neck. I love this look because everyone thinks it is an intricate braid when really it is just this pull-through method. This took me around five mintues.

Now, as you approach the nape of the neck go ahead and secure the last pony tail. I like to create little bubbles by pulling at a strand or two to make it look more full. Now, it looks like the cutest little unicorn tail. Don’t worry if it is messy, it doesn’t need to be perfect to be so cute!

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For a fun and special touch, I am going to spray her hair with some temporary hair color. I just wrap a towel around her and go in with this Salon Grafix High Beams Intense Temporary Spray-On Hair Color from Rite Aid in color Punky Purple. I love this product because it does not have a strong smell and washes right out.

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Now it is makeup time. I am going to do a pretty purple iridescent look that is super simple. I am using Inglot loose pigment eyeshadow from Atelier Sona on her eyelid, forehead and a bit on her nose. Then I am using pink blush from Smashbox to add color to her cheeks. I also added Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals in the color Bronzed Bell and Wet n Wild highlighter to her cheekbones. Next, I used white eyeliner from Jesse’s Girl to create little stars on her cheeks. Lastly, I am adding Maybelline color lipstick in Shocking Coral along with purple pigment from Inglot to put on over that.

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That is it for this tutorial I hope you enjoyed!

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