Why I Date My Kids

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My husband and I recently started doing individual date nights with our kids, one of which I recently did a sequence of IG stories with my little man, and I got so many questions about it. Mainly from other Moms on what to do and if it’s something we plan or let the kids take the lead on.

But before I get into that I want to just address “dating your kids” and what that means to me. Growing up, my family was very tight, and I definitely considered myself a Daddy’s girl, but we never did one-on-one QT. I did a ton of Mommy-daughter dates, but I don’t remember doing a ton with just my Dad. It’s something I wish we did do especially since my brother and I are first generation American. I feel like keeping the lines of communication open at an early age just makes it that much easier to talk about all the big stuff when it happens. And isn’t that what “dating” is really about? Getting to know someone better and learning more about them through talking and hanging out and just building that relationship. So, in case anyone thinks that’s weird to date your kids, this is what I mean- just spending quality time with each of them – boys and girls.

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As far as our dates go, they’re nothing crazy elaborate. It’s honestly just that we’re together doing something that is only for us at that moment to share. We switch off with both our son and daughter and usually let them plan out the night. My latest date (which we try and do once a month alternating with each kid) was with my little Rian and he really wanted to get sushi, then hot chocolate then some books. It was a 2 hour date but we got to do what he wanted and that made him feel really special. Dad took his lady out for a stroll on the beach, some mexican food & bought her some new kicks. We all met back at the house and cuddled on the sofa watching Wonder, which we also started reading aloud to the kids. So good and a tear jerker for those that haven’t seen it!

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Sharing some pics of the fam & some other ideas for date night with your kids if you’re thinking of doing one yourself.

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Great date ideas for you and your littles:

1- Going to a “fancy” dinner where you both get dressed up

2- Bowling

3- Miniature golfing

4- Working out together (my husband loves taking the kids to the track with him and it gets them engaged and active at the same time)

5- Donut date (my fave) early on a Saturday morning

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6- Aquarium or zoo

7- Book store to pick out new books for your library at home

8- Baking together (my son loves to cook so I get him involved when I can)

9- Bike riding or scootering

10- Going to the Dollar Tree and picking a special treasure

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There are so many great ways to spend quality time with your kids and mine just love when we bring up date night! I hope this helps you Mamas thinking about implementing something like this in your routine and if you have any questions let me know!!



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